What Is Marketing?


Marketing is a word that is brandished around far too much. Unfortunately, not many people actually know what it means, or how to do it.

I get asked all the time: “Do you mean advertising?” No, I don’t mean advertising. Advertising is similar and is effectively an end product or a statistical, measurable way to bring together a stronger marketing plan but it’s not marketing.

A Quick Definition:

Through my experience and knowledge, marketing is the deep understanding through research and market analysis of a brand, product or service that is shared with the necessary, targeted audience across various print, online and technological platforms for the purpose of raising awareness of it, of increasing sales or of promoting attendance (i.e. an event) to it.

Ultimately, marketing is the process of engaging people (a specified target audience i.e. attracting new mothers to a mother and baby magazine) in a brand that has an impact on them. Raising such awareness that they will remember that brand and share their knowledge of it for a period of time.  ~ K Hill. Copyright 2016.

In my experience, some businesses are great at marketing without knowing it; they post all over Facebook, take great photos and videos, ask their friends and family to share posts and best of all, they manage largely on word-of-mouth referrals. Their marketing efforts are not consciously part of a ‘marketing plan,’ however, their success is comparable to companies with great marketing structure.

Then there are companies who are new, high-tech and all over social media. They respond with an automated message as soon as you follow them. They have thousands of followers and a huge online presence but one big problem, they struggle to turn followers into buyers. It works for some, but not all.

Marketing is a fine line between these two examples. The moral of this? Don’t overdo it but don’t forget it all together. It’s great if you can rely solely on word-of-mouth but as I’ve told the majority of my clients, there comes a time when in 2016, you have to have an online presence, even if it’s just so your customers can find you. Creating a simple marketing plan is an effective way to do it and it’s not difficult.

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