Month: May 2017

3 Important Changes Affecting Your Use Of Facebook & Instagram For Business

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It’s no surprise that along with rapid advances in technology and apps, social media giant Facebook (who also owns Instagram) is¬†making big changes too. These changes directly affect how you use social media to promote¬†your business. There are around 1.28 billion daily active users on Facebook (source: Facebook 31/3/17). That’s a lot of people to […]

4 Important Lessons That We Can All Learn From Goths

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It might seem completely off tangent for me to talk about Goths in a blog post. Don’t worry, I’ve not gone mad. Do read on. There are actually 4 points about the gothic subculture in the U.K. (I have to specify my own country as I don’t know if the same applies beyond our rhelm), […]