Community and Business: Alternative Marketing

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Community and business don’t generally go hand in hand, traditionally, but that was the past. This is 2018. Welcome to the future! Here in 2018, showing some ‘community’ love can give your business the boost that it needs. Here at the hub, we’ve helped several clients adopt a more alternative marketing strategy for business and what a difference it can make…

In all seriousness, you might wonder what community has to do with business and marketing one at that.  If you’ve been in business for a while, you are probably familiar with the mounds of charity mail, sponsorship requests and cold-calling methods used by charities on a weekly basis.  We all have to earn our bread, and usually, if you’re not completely cold-hearted or being scammed, you feel a well of empathy for the cause.  “Not this time, sorry.”  It’s profits or poverty for some business owners, literally.

Turn it on its Head

However, if you believe in universal laws of attraction and manifestation that I touched on briefly in my blog, Business and Mindfulness, you’ll know that giving means that you’ll receive. As a business owner, you don’t have to believe in this but what you do have to believe in is the people around your business who prop you up, support you and show you some love.

You can be creative on how you give back to the community.  Giving your time around work for a good cause or developing creative ideas on how to raise awareness/money for a local charity works not only for your chosen receiver, but it has miraculous ways of working for your business too. Here’s an example of how we’ve encouraged a very ethical, community-led marketing strategy for one of our clients:

Air Environmental: The Family Fun Day & Football Tournament

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On 29th April, Steel City Hub is helping our very community-focused client, Air Environmental Ltd pave the way for business owners with a large-scale, local fundraising event. The football tournament, made up of teams from various businesses and organisations around the South Yorkshire region, will be held in aid of two special charities,

The Children’s Hospital Charity #TeamTheo

Muscular Dystrophy UK

The event will be held at Niagara Sports & Social Club, Sheffield, S6 1LU.

Time: 1-5pm

The fundraising for the event has already passed £500 and donations are expected to flood in from local businesses and individuals over the next few weeks. Here’s the fundraising page:

On the day, it’s free entry and families will be presented with a host of games, a raffle, live music, activities, food, opportunities to partake in the fun of the day with a penalty shoot-out for children and so much more. The teams battling it out in the football tournament will be able to enjoy some brief fame and winners will be presented with a trophy. It’s all to play for.

For more information about this event or for sponsorship details, please e-mail: or click the link above to donate online.

Although the event is first and foremost about raising funds for the charities, it’ll prove to be a great advertising and PR opportunity for Air Environmental, not only in terms of media attention but in raising the company profile across the region.

Getting your company’s name into the minds of local people is important, as it is to show that’s you’re not all about profits. As a business owner, you are basically your own public relations team, unless you’ve got the manpower so trying alternative methods of marketing to reach your target audience and build your brand awareness is key.

Alternative marketing can be fruitful if done correctly. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box and be more creative with your ideas as a business owner. If the hard sales pitch isn’t working, try showing some community love. We will update you on the marketing success of this event over the coming weeks; and of course, talk a bit more about these two amazing charities!

We offer a range of marketing support packages, for small and growing businesses, please get in touch if you’d like more information.


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