5 Small Business Growth Techniques, Without Spending a Penny

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As a small business owner, your job is to market your company in such a way as to generate maximum exposure at the lowest cost possible. Well, luckily enough there are a number of different ways you can help market and grow your company without spending a penny! Here are five free small business development techniques to try out.


1. Business skills swap

It’s time to trade off the skills your business has with a different company who needs your talents. Say, for example, your company is in need of a brand new website. Well, source out a design company and offer them your services for free in exchange for them building you a new site. As long as you have what they’re looking for, it’s a win-win!

2. Create online training

Nowadays, becoming an authority business within your industry is all about creating great content. Video content is perhaps the most desirable content around as it allows you to explain complex concepts and put them into an easily digestible form. Better yet, creating videos doesn’t need to be hard or expensive – you can make video courses from any handheld recording device! Then, just post them to YouTube and share on social media for free.

3. Produce free guides to promote your name

Free how-to guides are still an incredibly powerful way to promote your skills and draw in new sales. Create a guide that is relevant to your business’s niche and then give it away for free wherever possible – for example, via your website as a free download. You can then use email marketing to try and convert as many of those leads as possible into sales.

4. Direct email-marketing

This leads on nicely from tip number three. In 2018, email marketing still offers great returns for business owners as sending emails is completely free. With GDPR coming into effect on 25th May, just ensure you have consent from all email subscribers in order for you to legally email them. Wherever possible, try and get emails from both potential and current customers. You can even diversify your email marketing to include one campaign for those we have already bought from you and one for those who haven’t yet bought.

5. Use the latest organisational software

Organisational software offers a great way to help streamline your processes, maximise efficiency and focus on business development. These programs can also help to improve how professional your company looks to the outside world. You will find that many types of organisational software offer free basic usage for small businesses and individuals. We recommend checking out either Asana or Dubsado.

Depending on the nature of your business, there are likely a number of things you can do to help grow your company for free. You just need to have the desire to hustle and the willingness to be creative. To help get you started, try these five small business marketing techniques and see where they take you!


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