At Steel City Hub, we work with expert freelance writers and marketing professionals to help take you where you want to go. By running things this way, we can also reduce our overheads, enabling us to price our services more competitively.

Meet our team.



K E Hill

Welcome to Steel City Hub.

I’m currently a Director and Business/Marketing Consultant working at Hill & Co Accountants, based in Sheffield, the Steel City. I’ve been passionate about working with businesses for more than 10 years, helping owners promote and develop their businesses and take them to the next level. I’ve worked on complete start-ups right through to large companies with complete marketing budgets.

I have admittedly never advertised my own services as I’ve always worked on word-of-mouth recommendations. Now that I’ve launched the Steel City Hub website (which is currently being developed), as well as the Build With Steel packages, I’ve got good reason to shout about what I do and how well I do it.

My background

In 2008, I completed a degree from the University of Sheffield in Journalism Studies. I also completed some NCTJ qualifications. From there, I ventured into a lot of voluntary writing for charities, local businesses and publications, which led me to create my first idealistic venture, FunMeFit Ltd – an online community platform for sporting organisations and businesses to connect, promote and share their activities and events.

After leaving university, I decided not to pursue a career in a changing journalism environment but rather to keep marketing as a business where I could help other businesses grow.

I worked in accountancy (as I had done throughout university), which I enjoyed and in 2010, I was made a Director at Hill & Co Accountants in Sheffield. Following this, I had two children in quick succession, O & A who brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘hard-work.’

As I enjoyed the work in accounting, I decided that I wanted to become qualified and be able to offer more to businesses so for the last 3 years (around working, children and our mad dog, Benny), I’ve been studying towards achieving MAAT status.

Where I am in 2017:

As different to journalism as accountancy may be, I’ve been successful in merging the two areas of knowledge into a working business model where I provide financial and marketing assistance to a number of small to medium-sized businesses weekly. As well as this, I offer freelance services, of which you will find HERE. My portfolio, which can be viewed HERE includes mostly online content writing for websites, blogs and social media services.

Through working with some start-up companies who have gone from zero online visibility to a full marketing model and plan, I’ve developed my marketing knowledge hugely to fit in with advancements in new technologies and applications.

For the past two years, I’ve also been committed to my voluntary role with the Myotonic Dystrophy Support Group charity as their press officer/marketing manager -taking this small charity from being relatively unheard of to gaining national press coverage. I also run their social media channels and handle their marketing needs entirely on a voluntary basis to support their work as the condition, myotonic dystrophy, is what two of my close family members suffer from.

My specialist areas:

  • Business – writing articles, trade news/blogs, promotional content for print and online, writing descriptions for social media, writing website content, sales letters and much more. I always do my research in-depth to ensure that what I write is accurate and interesting.
  • Sport/Community – from golf to kickboxing, if it involves any kind of physical activity,  I’m a believer. This includes fitness and well-being. I write articles, blogs, editorials, advertising pieces and opinion/real-life interview articles for print and online publishers.
  • Parenting – as a working mother of two (ages 4 & 5 years), I’ve been through just about every parenting joy, experience and tantrum. It’s always a topic that I have lots of ideas and angles for. Whatever your need for parenting gabble, I’m here to assist.
  • Finance – working with numbers and businesses every day means that I’m up-to-date with not only banking and borrowing but current trends and mortgages. If I don’t know it, I research it and can easily re-write jargon into understandable sentences.

If you want to get in touch with me about my freelance work or generally, go to the Contact Me page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Other Team Member profiles coming soon…