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"The gaps between the stories" ~ Margaret Atwood. Writing is not just about words. It's about conveying a message; your message. Writing can be extremely powerful, encouraging the most unmotivated to take action. In my blog, I write about writing, about business and about marketing business through effective words. Displaying content to make it timely, effective and understandable to its intended audience. I want to create an online and offline presence for businesses and for others that is professional, captivating and powerful. Take a look at my services and do get in touch. K

5 Small Business Growth Techniques, Without Spending a Penny

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As a small business owner, your job is to market your company in such a way as to generate maximum exposure at the lowest cost possible. Well, luckily enough there are a number of different ways you can help market and grow your company without spending a penny! Here are five free small business development […]

7 Steps to Starting a Business in 2018

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7 Steps to Starting a Business in 2018 Every year, there are literally thousands of people and groups who want to start a business. According to (well-known) statistics, at least 80% of these start-ups fail in the first two years – why? The main reasons for this are: Lack of Business Knowledge – what to […]

Writing: Let the Creature Within Be Free


Writing: Let the creature within be free. Writing success is not just about technical skill but about how we influence others and portray ideas.

Business Overwhelm vs. Mindset.

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business overwhelm vs mindset. Mindset is as important to success as light is to life.

The 5-Step Plan to Starting a Blog for Business

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Get started with setting up a blog to promote your business with our 5 step plan to starting a blog.