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7 Steps to Starting a Business in 2018

7 Steps to Starting a Business in 2018

Every year, there are literally thousands of people and groups who find themselves wanting to start a business. According to well-know statistics, at least 80% of these start-ups fail in the first two years – why?

The main reasons for this are:

  1. Lack of Business Knowledge – what to do when you set up a business, how to manage staff, financials, perform simple bookkeeping, chasing debt etc. 
  2. Overspending and Overtrading – spending too much and trying to grow too quickly, or in other words, doing too much, too soon.
  3. No Focus – overwhelmingly, very few new business have a strong sense of work ethic and the work in takes to get a business off the ground. 
  4.  No Plan – very few business start-ups begin with the simplest thing – a business plan, in fact, many start with a lack of direction before they launch their business.
  5. No Marketing Know-How – it’s ok if you’re starting with a list of in-place contracts and guaranteed income streams but for many, this is not the case; or where it is, business trading relies on one customer only. It’s not a favourable situation. Marketing is a term that is over-used but not well understood.


In this post, I’ll be highlighting the 7 most important steps to take in starting up a business, properly, in 2018. You may feel like adding things along the way but generally, without these 7 fundamentals, you’re likely to end up as just another failed start-up statistic:

steel city hub business build


There’s a fancy, little way to give an overview of the key steps.  Now for more information:



It’s not on the list of usual advice but from being in the business game for a number of years, it’s an issue that comes up time and time again and can be a costly mistake. What does Name Save mean?

Simply that when you think of a business name that you really like, check that no one else has it and save it one everything. I’m not just talking about setting up your new company on Companies House, that our partners, Hill & Co Accountants, Sheffield can help you with:

Your business domain name should be saved as soon as possible because there are companies out there who will buy the domain names of new company set-ups i.e. if you set up “Clean My House UK Ltd,” you’ll want ‘’ or .com.

The same applies for getting your social media platforms set up – something we can obviously help you with i.e. your Twitter will need to be something like @cleanmyhouseuk and Instagram too. You get the idea.



A business plan is the simplest way to get your business into focus. It’ll help you plan and look at what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. It’ll help you write an overview about your business, look at financial planning, potential revenue, your competitors, analysis of how you’ll fit your business into the current trade or sector.

We have a guide for start-up or developing businesses on how to write business plans and get started with marketing.




Similar to the business plan, the marketing plan will help narrow down how your business will reach its intended audience. It’ll help you lay out how you will reach your customers and attract people or businesses that your business is aimed at.

For a more detailed look at what you need to do to create an effective marketing plan from initial research, your target audience analysis, your unique selling point and your competitor research right through to your social media, marketing and PR strategy, you can request the guide using the contact form above.

For help with writing a marketing/business plan, you can e-mail us: or for more marketing advice, see our article: What is Marketing?



The most successful companies of late have worked on building a tribe, a community or a following. However you envisage getting people interested in your business, building a community of supporters is vital for continued success.

Your following, whether online or offline, can be your family, friends, customers, clients, followers on social media, page likers, other businesses you work with – whoever, they are there to boost your business, support it and provide free advertising for you.

One way that businesses are building a following at the moment is to run a Facebook Group. This links to your Facebook business page but provides those more interested in your services/products with a space to communicate with you and give feedback on a more intimate level. You can find out more information on building a following for your business by either dropping into one of our FREE Business Sessions (see above), in Sheffield, or by following us on social media.



A huge reason that a lot of start-up’s fail is that they simply don’t know how to treat their key people – their customers. By creating a process (which can be formed while you produce your business plan), of how you treat your customers, you’ll not only retain current customers but you’ll also attract new ones because your word-of-mouth testimonials will be so good.

What do I mean by a process?

Firstly, the initial point of contact. How you advertise or attract your customers. Hard sell is old fashioned and a little embarrassing, unless you’re at a specific ‘talk about your business’ event. Speak to your audience like you care about THEIR needs, not your own.

Secondly, once you have them as a client. Make them feel special. A lot like a romantic relationship, keep clear lines of communication. If they e-mail you, e-mail back. If they want some advice, give it to them, unless they’re asking for your particular paid knowledge.

Particularly, DON’T SURPRISE THEM WITH UNEXPECTED FEES. I was recently on a Facebook group where someone was slating a business because she phoned this business for advice then was sent a bill for the phone call a few days later without any prior warning. She wasn’t even told during the phone call that there were fees to pay.

Always make your fees and charges clear and easy to understand. People get angry and can damage your reputation if you ignore this.

Thirdly, when you’ve finished working with them, treat them with respect. Follow up, don’t talk behind their backs to others. Encourage them to work with you again one day. Ask them for their feedback or a testimonial and leave them the same if they require one.



It’s not on the usual start up list but this is 2018, not 2008. Everything is becoming cloud-based. What does cloud-based mean? It means keeping your information, whether that be your bookkeeping, your files, your photographs and your financials up there in the cloud.

It sounds scary, but it really isn’t. It’s safe (and will soon be safer, thanks to GDPR), and a good way to ensure maximum working efficiency. Instead of having to log onto a certain computer to raise your invoices or save your work only on your laptop hard drive, through cloud-based software, you can really be efficient, working from any computer, phone or tablet, at anytime. It’s a no-brainer and serves as extra points for customers who might want a cloud-relationship. Our favourites for small businesses are:

QuickBooks – Bookkeeping & Accounting Software

Dropbox – Files/Photo Sharing & Working Software.



Ok, so we’ve squeeze two important things into one here. I’ll summarise these to save boredom. Basically, if you have a product that’s worth a patent, protect it. Insure you business by looking for good deals on business insurance comparison websites.

Make sure you know about Copyright laws. Don’t try to use anyone else’s photographs or quotes without their permission or without properly providing source evidence. If you’re writing something, get it read by a proof-reader (we offer this service) to ensure you’re not infringing anyone’s rights or doing anything wrong.

Business is a political and legal minefield and we’ve seen so many people, with the best intentions, get taken to court or fined heavily. The best way to protect your business from the off is to seek legal and proper business advice.

In terms of growth, look at your business plan and seek advice on growth opportunities. There is so much funding out there for small businesses to utilize. It’s always worth considering funding options without having to go straight for a loan.

We want to help you start and grow your business and that’s why we are proud to be partnering with Hill & Co Accountants in Sheffield to be offering this:

On Friday 23rd March 2018, 9.30am – 11.30am, we are holding a FREE Business Drop In Session with our partners, Hill & Co Accountants in Sheffield (see image above). Here’s we’ll be able to guide you through any business start-up issues you may have and advise on the costs of running a business. We are also there to help with any accountancy, bookkeeping or business planning advice you may need, as well as marketing advice and funding advice. To book, please call: 0114 2315400 or e-mail:  


We hope you enjoyed our 7 Steps to Starting a Business in 2018 and if you’d like weekly advice, please join our Facebook group – it’s FREE!

Build With Steel Business Community!

You can also Like our Business Page @SteelCityHub on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @SteelCityHub1, follow us on Instagram @Steelcityhub or just get in touch to discuss your needs. We’re always listening.

Community and Business: Alternative Marketing

Community and business don’t generally go hand in hand, traditionally, but that was the past. This is 2018. Welcome to the future! Here in 2018, showing some ‘community’ love can give your business the boost that it needs. Here at the hub, we’ve helped several clients adopt a more alternative marketing strategy for business and what a difference it can make…

In all seriousness, you might wonder what community has to do with business and marketing one at that.  If you’ve been in business for a while, you are probably familiar with the mounds of charity mail, sponsorship requests and cold-calling methods used by charities on a weekly basis.  We all have to earn our bread, and usually, if you’re not completely cold-hearted or being scammed, you feel a well of empathy for the cause.  “Not this time, sorry.”  It’s profits or poverty for some business owners, literally.

Turn it on its Head

However, if you believe in universal laws of attraction and manifestation that I touched on briefly in my blog, Business and Mindfulness, you’ll know that giving means that you’ll receive. As a business owner, you don’t have to believe in this but what you do have to believe in is the people around your business who prop you up, support you and show you some love.

You can be creative on how you give back to the community.  Giving your time around work for a good cause or developing creative ideas on how to raise awareness/money for a local charity works not only for your chosen receiver, but it has miraculous ways of working for your business too. Here’s an example of how we’ve encouraged a very ethical, community-led marketing strategy for one of our clients:

Air Environmental: The Family Fun Day & Football Tournament

logo air environmental

On 29th April, Steel City Hub is helping our very community-focused client, Air Environmental Ltd pave the way for business owners with a large-scale, local fundraising event. The football tournament, made up of teams from various businesses and organisations around the South Yorkshire region, will be held in aid of two special charities,

The Children’s Hospital Charity #TeamTheo

Muscular Dystrophy UK

The event will be held at Niagara Sports & Social Club, Sheffield, S6 1LU.

Time: 1-5pm

The fundraising for the event has already passed £500 and donations are expected to flood in from local businesses and individuals over the next few weeks. Here’s the fundraising page:

On the day, it’s free entry and families will be presented with a host of games, a raffle, live music, activities, food, opportunities to partake in the fun of the day with a penalty shoot-out for children and so much more. The teams battling it out in the football tournament will be able to enjoy some brief fame and winners will be presented with a trophy. It’s all to play for.

For more information about this event or for sponsorship details, please e-mail: or click the link above to donate online.

Although the event is first and foremost about raising funds for the charities, it’ll prove to be a great advertising and PR opportunity for Air Environmental, not only in terms of media attention but in raising the company profile across the region.

Getting your company’s name into the minds of local people is important, as it is to show that’s you’re not all about profits. As a business owner, you are basically your own public relations team, unless you’ve got the manpower so trying alternative methods of marketing to reach your target audience and build your brand awareness is key.

Alternative marketing can be fruitful if done correctly. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box and be more creative with your ideas as a business owner. If the hard sales pitch isn’t working, try showing some community love. We will update you on the marketing success of this event over the coming weeks; and of course, talk a bit more about these two amazing charities!

We offer a range of marketing support packages, for small and growing businesses, please get in touch if you’d like more information.


Why Do I Need Social Media For My Small Business?

Why Do I Need Social Media for My Small Business?

Today, I was proud to support my client, Powers Martial Arts Centre and GB Promotions with their K1 Kickboxing Championship Show at the Mercure St Paul’s Hotel in Sheffield City Centre. It was a special event because Steel City Hub was sponsoring the main and last ISKA Title Fight of the night.

You might wonder what this event has to do with social media? Whilst I was there, I spoke to several business owners who, unlike Powers Martial Arts Centre, did not use social media to promote their businesses. Even if they were on Facebook, they didn’t maximise its free potential to help advertise their own businesses.

I asked how they advertised – there was a mix of paid advertising and word of mouth recommendations. Their answers to why they don’t really bother with social media include, “friends say it’s pointless,” “I haven’t got the time,” “I don’t know what I’m doing with it.”

I could sit and write all day about why small business owners benefit from using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…there are many different social media platforms out there but at the end of the day, as we all know, word of mouth recommendations are the best way to get business. Agreed.


Here’s why, even if your business runs great on word of mouth recommendations, it’s so important to have a business presence on social media:

  1. Your services are needed every day by potential customers and that makes your business important if you’re good at what you do. Someone, somewhere, especially local people to your business need your services. Example, I’ve just bought a new house and it’s pretty run down. I need a plasterer, an electrician, a plumber, a roofer and so many more skilled people to help me make it a home. Where do I turn? I post a ‘recommendation’ post on Facebook for everyone to see and my friends ‘tag’ business pages of people they’ve used. Brilliant – a word of mouth recommendation that I can find online. If you haven’t got a business page, you’ll miss that.
  2. A social media business page (particularly Facebook) helps people find you because it’s a directory, it shows your business on a map, it gives all the details someone needs to make a decision on contacting you and it tells them how to contact you. It also lets them message you if they are shy to logos
  3. People can leave ratings and recommendations on your business page that others will look at to make a decision about whether to contact your company. If I’m really pleased with the work my tradesperson has done, I want to post pictures of it on Facebook. If you haven’t got a business page to help share that great client recommendation and those images of your work, and you don’t comment i.e. “it was a pleasure,” showing that you’re a human too, you’re not reaching your potential. You’re not reaching my friends who might also need some work doing that you can offer. You’re missing an opportunity. twitter-292994_960_720
  4. Social media helps you interact with your customers in a special way. If someone has a question, they can tweet you, they can message you on Facebook, they can ask online at any time of the day or night without having to wait till the next day to phone you. No one is saying that you have to respond straight away but these days, many people and potential customers are put off by the thought of having to phone someone as the first option. Give your customers options. Let them ask.
  5. Social media advertising options are completely different to traditional advertising in newspapers and magazines. The amount of money you pay if you want to reach more people by creating a targeted advert is minimal in comparison to traditional methods of advertising. It’s really cheap to run an actual advert on Facebook that brings people to your business page. The best part is that you can target specific people. Say, for example, your best customers for your plumbing company are mothers who work and are making home improvements. You can actually create an advert for a few pounds a week targeting mothers who work and who are making home improvements at the moment…It’s not magic, it’s data. Facebook and other social networks collect a lot of data from all members.

There’s the list of why you need social media for your small business. It’s not an option anymore, it’s a must if you’re serious about your business and the customers you care about. You’re not doing anything cringeworthy or wrong by getting your business name out there. Someone needs you. You can help someone have a better life, even if it’s just repairing an old boiler, fitting a new stove, painting a wall, building an extension; if you are a real business, with a real desire to do the work you do for others, you are a great part of the community.


I would like to personally thank Paul Powers at Powers Martial Arts Centre for involving me in the K1 Kickboxing event today and helping me show the importance of social media for small businesses. Take a look at their social media accounts – you’ll see that they’re building more and more customers each week, posting lots of great photos and information for all to see. Make your time online worthwhile.

Bye for now.

Introducing: Build With Steel

Build With Steel

You wouldn’t start building a structure without first putting in strong foundations.

The same goes for your business. The best way to build is with steel. It’s effective, reliable and it’s got a lot of experience…best of all, it used to be made in Sheffield. Sounds a bit like us, doesn’t it? That’s why we’re proud to launch the Build With Steel packages for small businesses and start-ups:


  1. The Intro £250 (One-Off Fee, No Contract)

Our popular Intro package is for all the basics when you set up your business. It offers the most affordable, one-off, no contract option for small businesses who need a little help getting started. Here’s what we offer:

  • Social Media – the set up of two social media platforms. We always recommend Facebook being the first and depending on your type of business, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest being the second.
  • Blurb – this is what people read about your business on social media. It’s the description of your business and we help you say it in a way that attracts interest from the people you’d like to notice. The blurb has to vary between social platforms so for two channels, we have to write two separate blurbs.
  • Directory Listings – listing you on all available, free websites where you can add your website, address and other important information about your business. This also includes more blurb/description writing about your business as again, it’s best if it’s written differently on all websites.
  • Access to Templates and Guides – our templates for social media posts and marketing plans are pretty simple and easy to follow. We think the best way to start out is to learn to do things yourself – with a little support from us.
  • Exclusive Made with Steel Group – you get access to our Facebook group for 1 month where you’ll find useful links, documents, templates, articles and offers. We’ll also be posting videos on there for extra assistance. (If you decide to progress onto one of our monthly payment packages, you’ll be able to stay in the group throughout the 12 month contract period).
  • Meet the Experts at Branding – we introduce you to some branding experts who can guide you through setting up your brand including your logo, design of your headers for social media, design of your e-mail campaigns, stationery and so much more. See our other packages below for more information.


 2. BUILD WITH STEEL PACKAGES: Gold, Silver & Bronze

(A 6 or 12- monthly contract between your business and Steel City Hub offering monthly support on 3 levels).

GOLD  £400 Per Month

Our Gold package is the best monthly support we can offer at this current time. It helps to create real momentum for your business, especially if you sign up to the 12 month contract with Steel City Hub.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Weekly Management of 3 Social Media Platforms (includes Facebook and a choice of two of the following: Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest (advice will be given on which platforms best suit individual business needs). Management includes posts 2-3 times per week, per platform.
  • Weekly interactions with followers, fans and Likers i.e. re-tweets, comments and more. We will also monitor who’s following you and follow market trend leaders and influencers in order to gain natural, organic Likes and Follows.
  • Exclusive Access to the private Build With Steel Facebook Group where you’ll fine useful hints, tips, templates, videos, links and many other support features; including a community of like-minded people.
  • Monthly Personalised Meeting/Support Session via Skype, another online platform or face to face depending on where you are based, to make sure you’re on the right track, help you with other marketing ideas and promotions to increase sales, improve profitability and reach a wider audience.


Silver  £240 Per Month

Our Silver package is an in-between package. It still offers many of the same benefits as the Gold package but is less intense.

Here’s what it includes:medal-2163349_960_720 silver.png

  • Weekly Management of 2 Social Media Platforms including Facebook. Other platforms will be chosen either by you or through our initial consultation process. Management includes us posting 2-3 times per week from both accounts as a mixture of relevant articles, news from your company and portfolio images (if images are provided regularly).
  • Weekly Interactions with followers, fans and Likers i.e. re-tweets, comments and more. We will also monitor who’s following you and follow market trend leaders and influencers in order to gain natural, organic Likes and Follows.
  • Exclusive Access to the private Build With Steel Facebook Group where you’ll fine useful hints, tips, templates, videos, links and many other support features; including a community of like-minded people.
  • Quarterly Progress reports and suggestions for improvements in marketing.


Bronze  £120 Per Month

The Bronze package has been a very popular package for many of our clients who have then progressed onto our Silver or Gold packages. Much of the time, businesses opt to get set up initially with the Intro then move onto the Bronze for a few months to see how it all works. The main aim of this package is to get you noticed as a business and help you make your mark on the social media world.

Here’s what it includes:


  • Weekly Management of 2 Social Media Platforms including Facebook. The difference with this package is that we will post once per week, sometimes two if you have an event or something prominent happening.
  • Weekly Interactions with followers, fans and likers i.e. re-tweets, comments and more. We will also monitor who’s following you and follow market trend leaders and influencers in order to gain natural, organic Likes and Follows.


For more information on these packages, contact Kate:


3. The Branding Pack  £675

This is a great offer for those who are in the process of developing a brand for their business or don’t have a clue about branding so want some professional help. Working with our top, professional design partners, we can offer you:

  • A 1-hour consultation session and creation of a brief (a plan for what you want from your branding, who you want to target and what kind of image you want to present).
  • Creation of final wording including a strapline (the line of text beneath your logo).
  • 4 x Logo design concepts from a supplied brief with one developed in to the final logo.
  • Artwork for the logo supplied in CMYK, RGB, and Black and white colour options.
  • All file formats will be supplied.
  • Strap line/position statement if required.
  • Brand guidance manual with all logo positioning, typography, brand colour palette.
  • Short blurb creation of between 20-100 words for your use on directories, other websites, social media etc.


5. Professional Sales Folder/Letter Pack £849

This bespoke, professional sales pack gives you that professional edge, whatever your business. If you regularly need to visit clients, customers and other businesses in order to raise your profile and deliver your services, this pack would benefit your business. The pack incorporates your branding and business ethos and is well worth the investment. This is one of our clients with their professional sales packs:



Here’s what’s included:

  • An initial 1-hour consultation with a marketing expert to help you understand what aspects of a professional sales pack you require for your business type to present that professional, important image.
  • Folder and Inserts – from a brief of what you want, we’ll work with our professional designers, who have worked with some huge names, to create a folder with inserts that reflects your business and what you want to achieve i.e. more sales.
  • Written copy and content – with design underway, it’ll be time to put together some content including images, writing and a good dose of copywriting expertise. Our copywriting experts will work with you to get the tone and style of your content just right. Professional copywriters can charge thousands for a few hundred words so we are really pleased to be able to offer writing that is high quality and affordable. Copy in sales documents should always encourage your customers to buy from you.
  • Print costs advice – After the final draft has been produced, we will advise of print costs and find you the best prices for printing your sales folders. We can also advise and deliver other stationery items, if required (at an extra cost), such as business cards, pens, pencils and much more.
  • How-to-guide – finally, we will provide you with a how-to guide on delivering your sales folders and advise on how to approach businesses or customers with your services.


6. The Website + Hosting + Content Pack  £2499

This pack includes everything you’ll need to create a professional website with no hidden fees or extra charges. We all know websites can be created for pittance on template-based systems. The costs usually don’t account for extras needed such as hosting, domain names and content. They’re also rarely as effective in terms of SEO unlike websites that are built by professional designers.

That’s why we’ve put together a pack that includes everything you’ll need to get you started. If there are items that you don’t need, i.e. you’ve done the writing for your website yourself, we can offer you a reduced rate.

Here’s what this amazing price includes:

  • An initial consultation with our marketing expert to work with you on how you want your website to look, what style and what kind of content and functionality you’ll need on there.
  • A Theme-based WordPress website that is specifically tailored to suit your business style, tone and colour scheme.
  • A professional copywriter to work with you on creating content that is focused on SEO (getting you noticed by the search engines such as Google), for up to 4 x pages on your website. Any extra content for pages is charged at an hourly rate.
  • Sourcing images for your website or working with a professional photographer to create images that can be used to boost the appearance of your website and present your business much more professionally (additional fees may apply according to how much photography you require).
  • Website hosting for 1 year including up to 5 e-mail accounts that will be aligned to your website address.
  • Domain name registration for 1 year is included in this price!
  • Training and Support – Finally, it includes a meeting/wordpress training session with the developers so you can add content yourself when needed and you’ll know the basics of using your own website. Otherwise, you can view our Blog Package below. 


7. The Blog Package  £149

Our final package is the blog package. It’s best suited to WordPress websites but not exclusively. If you know what you want to write about but don’t have the means, we can offer a one-off or monthly website blog package to suit your business needs.

the blog package

Here’s what’s included:

  • Research into your business area and a list of topics created that would best suite your own website. We will also work with you to source relevant images and videos to populate your blog.
  • Creation of blog content – this can be images and word-based or it could include videos. Whatever your business, we create your first blog based on our research and your ideas about what you want your customers to know. Our writing for blogs is SEO optimised and helps populate your website with relevant, timely information.
  • Blog template for you to use thereafter or a pay-monthly contract option where we can create a monthly blog to go on your website, keeping it updated and informative for your customers/audience.
  • Advice and information session for an hour where we discuss your needs for the first blog and for future blogging, including information on how to share it across your social media and other websites.
  • Monthly blogging and support – this is an additional cost and is based on our time to create a blog per month. Usually, with research and structure, a normal blog would take us around 1.5 hours. Our hourly rate is £60. This means that any normal blog would cost you a regular £80 per month with the applied £10 discount for being a monthly blog member.


These are our full Build With Steel services but it is by no means a comprehensive list of what we offer as a fully-functional marketing agency. We like to think that we offer much more than a typical marketing agency and always strive to offer the best services for your business needs.

If you’d like more information, use our Contact Us Page or e-mail:

We are happy to provide fully online service and support as well as face-to-face consultations. Please read our Disclaimer for our service terms and conditions.



We won’t share your details with anyone else. Your details and information about your company will be used solely to help us gain an understanding of how you work, who’s involved and what your goals are. Those details that you are happy to share or information that you would like to express should be shared directly with Steel City Hub in order for us to promote and deliver your campaigns.

Steel City Hub Ltd has the right to cancel any contract at any time without reason but we agree that 1 month’s notice will be given to those on a 12-month contract and 2 weeks notice will be given to those on a 6 month contract. Sometimes due to ethical/legal issues, we might not be able to act on your behalf as your marketing/social media consultants but we will express this in the first instance of communication between ourselves and you.

We will always inform you first if your additional requirements mean extra costs and we will endeavour to work with you to meet the costs above, if you require additional services that are not covered in the above, we reserve the right to refuse or provide additional charges for extra work.


3 Important Changes Affecting Your Use Of Facebook & Instagram For Business

It’s no surprise that along with rapid advances in technology and apps, social media giant Facebook (who also owns Instagram) is making big changes too. These changes directly affect how you use social media to promote your business.

There are around 1.28 billion daily active users on Facebook (source: Facebook 31/3/17). That’s a lot of people to keep happy every day. It’s also huge potential for any-sized business around the world and while many businesses pay Facebook on monthly basis to boost posts in order to maximize reach, create targeted advertisements and sell products or services directly, many of us simply rely on Facebook to get our messages out there.


These changes affect how your messages reach your target market, if they reach anyone at all, so it’s vital that you take note and read on. The changes, some that have already been made, are a direct result of Facebook polling its users to see what we want, how we want it and what we definitely don’t want to see.

Here’s what these changes mean for your business:


  1. Overly promotional posts are now a BIG No No…

We’ve all done it, at some point: “Click Like and Share this post if you want to win a brand new…” You may have seen a massive drop in these kind of posts recently? That’s because Facebook has decided enough is enough. It’s users don’t like it. Your post reach and your future post reaches will be hugely reduced if you keep up these overly promotional tricks.

That’s not the only type of post that Facebook is clamping down on either. Calls to action are also a bad now i.e. asking people to do other things: “Call us today,” “Comment below if you want…” etc. Our list of attempts to entice our potential customers goes on. Well, no more. If you regularly post call’s to action such as this, you’ll gradually see your posts reaches reduce to zero. That means no one, among the 1.28 billion people around the world, will read anything from you. That’s a pretty massive thing to miss out on!

Overly promotional posts relate to Instagram too – as Facebook owns Instagram, you can assume that all changes are being rolled out across the board.


2. Links to your website and other sites…

While it looks good when Facebook pulls up and image from your website or blog with a short excerpt, saving you doing too much post writing, Facebook has started down-grading any posts that divert away from the platform itself. It makes sense really, why would Facebook want it’s users being taken away to another website when they’re happily totting up some massive active user scores?

The best way to provide a relevant link to your website i.e. if you’re talking about a new blog post that you’ve written or your latest portfolio images is to directly upload (without copying the wording from your website) any images onto your Facebook page as a secondary portfolio. It’ll make sure that customers can see your work quickly and without the inconvenience of opening up another tab or being diverted unexpectedly. The same applies to content on other websites such as YouTube, Flickr and Twitter.

TOP TIP: If you want to provide a link, add it to your comments as Facebook won’t downgrade your post.


3. Relevance scores

If you’ve heard of the term, it’s something that Facebook has focused on for a while but only recently has become more strict with. Basically, your posts on your business page are far more likely to see higher reach values if you post topics that are organic, relevant to your target audience and provide useful, non-sales information.

For example, if you sell pet products, a clever way to use your Facebook page would be to take photos of a ‘happy customer’ i.e. a puppy with a new harness. Images or video content directly uploaded to Facebook are really good for audience reach and especially ones that customers can empathise or relate to. For this example, your potential customers may think, “aww, that’s so cute. My little puppy would look amazing in one of those.” There you have it. A sale. However, had you written, “new puppy harness for £9.99,” with a link to the product on your own website, the effect would’ve been less dramatic and your post would’ve been downgraded, despite it being relevant. Anything completely irrelevant, despite good intentions, will reach virtually no-one.


There you have it. Three ways to avoid catastrophe with your Facebook business page. There are also changes that have affected the Facebook advertising rules but we can’t sit here writing all day. There’s work to be done! If you’d like more information or want to speak to us about social media for your business, GET IN TOUCH.

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