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3 Important Changes Affecting Your Use Of Facebook & Instagram For Business

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It’s no surprise that along with rapid advances in technology and apps, social media giant Facebook (who also owns Instagram) is making big changes too. These changes directly affect how you use social media to promote your business. There are around 1.28 billion daily active users on Facebook (source: Facebook 31/3/17). That’s a lot of people to […]

4 Important Lessons That We Can All Learn From Goths

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It might seem completely off tangent for me to talk about Goths in a blog post. Don’t worry, I’ve not gone mad. Do read on. There are actually 4 points about the gothic subculture in the U.K. (I have to specify my own country as I don’t know if the same applies beyond our rhelm), […]

Business Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2017

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If you’re planning your 2017 business strategy, there are some emerging trends you can’t ignore.

How to Write a CV and Get That Job

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If there’s one place where you’re writing matters the most, it’s your CV.

Getting the Press to Notice You

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PR is a vital way of promoting services or fundraising efforts and gaining more revenue streams

Words are not the enemy: The importance of writing – right

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Presentation through written communication is key to any business. If you can’t say it properly, the audience can’t understand.